The company was promoted by Mr. P.Devakumar Sundarsingh a post graduate in chemical engineering.

He has professional experience of about 37 years in manufacture, quality control, product and equipment development and technical services in adhesives based on starch, dextrine, casein, natural rubber, neoprene rubber, polyvinyl acetate homo-, co- and terpolymeric emulsions, polyvinyl alcohol, EVA resins, animal glue and also Pigment Coating Chemicals for use on Paperboard.

Our Team includes well qualified and experienced R&D, Management and Operations personnel from leading Industrial establishments. We have Reaction Vessels, Blenders, Colloid Mills, Pulverizers, Storage Tanks, Boilers and other Eauipments for Unit Processes and Operations. We also have a well equipped Laboratory for Quality Control and Product Development.Our products were developed by close interaction with our esteemed customers. We cater to the specific requirements of the users. A high level of Integrity and Professionalism along with human touch is being followed in our dealing with customers,suppliers, employees and others. Our R&D team will be constantly looking out for new materials and processes to enhance the performance of existing products and develop newer ones.